The Business Sustainability Score™

The Business Sustainability Score is a tool that provides a comprehensive evaluation of the factors that effect the sustainability of a Privately Held or Family Owned business.  It is based on The Four Pillars of Sustainability:

  • Business Model and Strategy
  • Financial Assessment
  • Market Position
  • Governance and Leadership

For Family Owned businesses it also includes an assessment of Family Strength.

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BenchMarket ™ is a detailed comparison of your financial performance to your industry averages.  It includes scores and trends in an easy to understand graphical presentation.  It includes data from the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement as well as ratios that reflect profitability and efficiency.  It is the best way to understand how your business compares to its direct competitors.


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After participating in either The Business Sustainability Score™ or the BenchMarket ™ Assessment, you will have access to our Resources that will help you to address the Challenges and Recommendations in order for you to build the Sustainability of your business.

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Business Sustainability

A Sustainable Business is one that builds value for all the Stakeholders now and in the future.  Whether you are planning to sell your business, keep it for the long term or pass it on to the next generation, you need to ensure that it is viable and sustainable.  The Business Sustainability Score ™ and The BenchMarket™ Assessment give you tools to reach this goal.

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