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We help Privately-held and Family-owned businesses grow and sustain themselves for the long term.

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Every corporation, large or small, faces challenges coping with a constantly changing business environment.
As a leader, you seek to inspire the people in your organization and engage them in helping you reach the company's goals.

At Lead to the Future, we put together a unique team for each client to suit the needs, size and complexity of the assignment.

Our team of experts has designed The Business Sustainability Score™ and BenchMarket™ to enable business leaders to evaluate the current position of their business and design a sustainable future for the organization and all the stakeholders.

Stephanie Olexa, PhD, MBA

Founder & CEO

Stephanie is an entrepreneur, scientist, executive coach and business consultant with extensive experience in a wide variety of business.  She is also  a certified Family Business Advisor and a Leadership and Governance Fellow of National Association of Corporate Directors.


You can reach Stephanie at stephanieolexa@leadtothefuture.com

Joe Kelly

Joe is a seasoned business professional with a goal of sharing and teaching best practices that he learned from his journey as a Founding Partner and President of a series of family businesses, work in multi-billion dollar organizations and as a licensed practitioner in Counseling Psychology.

You can reach Joe at JoeKelly@leatothefuture.com

Seth Weber, Esq

Seth grew up in a Family Business but his passion is the law.  Practicing for over 37 years, first as a Bucks County, Pa District Attorney then as an Assistant United States Attorney, he currently is a Professor at Villanova University and DeSales University.  His skill in Intellectual Property strategies, contracts law, environmental law and as a mediator are valuable assets to his clients.

You can reach Seth at SethWeber@leadtothefuture.com

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For more information about Lead to the Future, LLC., please visit our website at www.leadtothefuture.com or contact us at Info@leadtothefuture.com.

Stephanie Olexa, PhD, MBA

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