Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What’s the difference between the Business Sustainability Score™ and BenchMarket™ ?

The Business Sustainability Score™ is an assessment of your internal processes, procedures and systems related to the four Pillars of Sustainability and the BenchMarket™ is a comparison of your performance to your external competitors.  One looks inside and one looks outside.  One looks at your preparedness for the future and the other looks at your position today.  Together they are a perfect way of giving you a full picture of your sustainability.

How long does it take to do the assessments?

The Business Sustainability Score™ can take two to three hours to complete.  However, you can stop and restart whenever you choose.

For BenchMarket™  you will need three years of financial data and the NAICS code that is most closely aligned with your business.  With that in hand it would take just a short amount of time to fill out the data request.

What is in the report?

The reports have your scores, an explanation of how the scores are determined, a description of your strengths, challenges and our recommendations.   You may schedule a one hour debrief meeting with one of our certified consultants to review and discuss the reports.

Are the assessments appropriate for any size business?

Although any size business can gain insight from the assessments, the Business Sustainability Score™ was designed for businesses from about $3 MM to $150 MM in size.  BenchMarket™ is appropriate for any size business from start up to a large company.

Do you have data for every industry for the BenchMarket™ Assessment?

We can access over a billion data points from over 15 million business operations, however we do not have data for every industry subsector in the NAICS code listing, particularly those with few competitors.  If we do not have data for your specific industry subsector, will notify you and describe the closest related industry category with reliable data so you can decide if you would like to proceed.

Need more information?

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